Thank you to all those who attended our family service this morning when we rejoiced in the Trinity, the three persons of God  -  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit  -  having celebrated Pentecost last Sunday, the occasion when the disciples received the Holy Spirit.   Special thanks to the Reis family for their work during the service, particularly Gabriel and Fabian for leading the prayers. 
As is sometimes the way, our celebrations were mixed with sadness, as just under two weeks ago we came together for the funeral of Simon Carter, a much loved member of our community, a software engineer by profession but someone who spent much of his life volunteering and serving others, in particular as a community 'first responder' and school governor.   The church was full, demonstrating how highly he was regarded and respected in the parish and elsewhere.   Tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday, is the day of the annual St Martin's Guild fete, an event at which Simon was a regular attender. We miss him but he will never be forgotten.