The church is acoustically lovely to record in and the little room at the back makes a perfect control room for the engineers.
St. Martin’s has one of the best acoustics in the country for realising the intimacy of our music, together with a wonderful layer of reverberation.
We spent two days recording Bach. I personally very much enjoyed playing and recording in the beautiful church and have every hope that the final recording will reflect this.

Robert Meunier and Kate Macoboy recently recorded their CD of singing and lute music at the church - see this blog post



Facilities and costs

Excellent acoustics combined with the rural location, free from external noise, make St Martin's Church a perfect venue for recording and performing music.

The area between the choir stalls and the pews is used for performing. The bell tower area at the back of the church is ideal for siting recording equipment.

Many leading musicians and record companies have used the church. Concerts take place regularly throughout the year.

Hire costs £200 (£250 on Saturday or Sunday) per day plus a heating surcharge of £35 during the winter months, or £15 if the hirer's own heaters are used.

If you would like to hire the church either for recording or for a concert please contact us or phone 01635 253354.



Here are more examples of recordings made in the church...