Here's a full list of everyone we can think of. Let us know if there's anyone else you know involved with the church whose name should be here.


Canon Christine Dale


Associate Priest

Canon Marvin Bamforth




Richard Twallin Andrew Colville

Parochial Church Council

Andrew Colville - Churchwarden\ Ann Harris - Deanery Synod representative and Electoral Roll Officer Annie Aplin\ Christine Dale - Rector\ Colin Bonner - Treasurer and Deanery Synod representative\ Colin West - Safeguarding Officer\ Kate Cobbe\ Kathryn Redway\ Katy Bartlett - Headteacher, St Martin's School\ Kristen Foxon\ Mark Horlock\ Paul Farrington\ Richard Twallin - Churchwarden\ Sarah Ede - Secretary\ Toby Ward

PCC Standing sub-committee

Christine Dale\ Colin Bonner\ Andrew Colville\ Richard Twallin\ Sarah Ede

PCC Fabric sub-committee

Andrew Colville\ Don Beaver\ Edward Reis\ Mick Phillips\ Stephen Harris\ Toby Ward - Chairman

Flower team

Barbara Walkinshaw\ Elaine Colville\ Geraldine Priest\ Jeanette Chadwick\ Jenny Sanders\ Jo Farrington\ Joanna Bonner\ Judy Twallin\ Julia Reis\ Kathryn Redway\ Kristen Foxon\ Laura Hill\ Liz Castle\ Sarah Ede


Hugh Cobbe


Colin West\ Geraldine Priest\ Jeanette Chadwick\ Kate Cobbe\ Kathryn Redway\ Lesley Foden\ Paul Farrington\ Richard Twallin\ Sarah Ede\ Wendy Rumble

Bell Ringers

Abi McNeill\ Anne Aston\ Bill Webb (captain)\ Jim Bridges\ Kim Boreham\ Lesley Foden\ Norman Powers\ Penny Burton

Clock Winders

Andrew Watson\ Kip Eadie\ Mark Foden\ Jeremy Hill (Non-winding)


Kristen Foxon\ Mark Foden\ Paul Farrington\ Richard Twallin